2972 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary, NC, 27511-8965 

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Reviewed by: paul07092516 on: 2018/8/12 8:45:36
the food is a little greasey and oily, maybe cook with less oil. Meats are a little old, try to cook with fresh meat and vegetable.
Reviewed by: stj51200 on: 2007-05-21
I have never experienced anything like this....horrible atmosphere unless you are a mexican construction worker...then you would fit right in, or unless you speak spanish or Chinese...otherwise, who knows what is going on? ...?
Reviewed by: rvnp on: 2007-11-12
China Cary is our favorite place for carry-out. Whether we take the time to call ahead or just walk in and order, we have never been treated with less than respect and courtesy. The food is fast, well-done and very tasty! ...?
Reviewed by: sagefool on: 2008-06-07
This Chinese restaurant is just your average take-out place, taken to the next level. The dishes are hot and served in a virtually spillproof container. The service is fast and reliable, and ready when they say it will be. ...?
Reviewed by: salamirose on: 2008-11-18
My experience with Chinese takeout restaurants over the last 40 years is that they are fantastic in the beginning and once they have their customer base the food goes downhill whether it be they hire a cheaper chef, cheaper ingredients, ...?
Reviewed by: Crystal A. on: 2009-06-09
They have your typical Chinese food here. We like this place the best compared to some other takeout places. Always friendly and quick, however occasionally they have gotten my order wrong. ...?